Primary Program

Mornings 5 Days per week:  8:15-1:00

Extended Day (5 year olds, or 3rd year): 1:00-3:00

 Primary (also known as the Children’s House) is a community of children from three to six years who live and learn together in a prepared environment. This environment offers choices of individual activities that aid in what Maria Montessori called the child’s work of “self construction.”

The rich classroom environment fosters developing leadership skills as the older, more experienced students mentor and help the younger ones. The curriculum and prepared environment encourage responsibility, accountability, cooperation and critical thinking skills.

Our AMI certified teacher helps the children learn about the world they live in. Concepts are learned at the child’s own pace, using hands-on sensorial exploration of the unique Montessori materials. Sequential lessons in the different curriculum areas are presented to each child when appropriate for their individual development.

Academic concepts are learned through work with the unique Montessori materials. There are five main integrated areas of study: practical life, sensorial, language, math, cultural studies/geography.

Guided by their human tendencies, following their sensitive periods, the children experience great joy in educating themselves. 

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