We “Raised the ROOF”!

new Primary Building, coming in 2013Big THANKS to everyone who helped out with or attended our “Raising the Roof” event on Saturday. The food was delicious, the auction was inspired, and the band rocked! We’re looking forward to making this an annual event.

Special thanks to our hosts, Chatham Vineyards, and to ALL of the very generous LOCAL businesses who donated food, supplies, and time. Please make an effort to spend locally whenever possible and let these businesses know you appreciate their support!

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Google Loves Montessori

Google Loves Montessori!

It’s back to school time! Google celebrated Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday today with this search page graphic. Google’s two founders became friends in college recognizing the Montessori mindset in each other.

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“Maria Montessori: guru for a new generation of business innovators”

Of course we love these (increasingly frequent) articles on the positive effects of Montessori on business innovation and creative thinking.

Read on!

The Globe and Mail “Maria Montessori: guru for a new generation of business innovators” by James Martin.

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The Parent Trap

While parenting Montessori children, here’s a new twist to praise and building “self-esteem”.  Count how many times a day you say “Good Job!” to your children… then read this:

How Can We Help Our Children Avoid the “Self-Esteem Trap?” written by Mary Caroline Parker at the Barbara Gordon Montessori School

Better things to say:

  1. nothing
  2. a non-judgmental statement of the facts  ex. You cut up the fruit for our lunch.
  3. praise the process, not the person  ex. It looks like you worked really hard on that.
  4. comment on how the child’s actions have affected others  ex. I bet your brother appreciated that.
  5. ask an open ended question  ex. Tell me, why did you chose those colors?

Self-esteem and self-confidence come from SELF, not from Mom and Dad!

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Just for Fun

Check out this Facebook page on “Stuff Montessori Kids Say”…. there are some hysterical stories!


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Kids Talk

Here’s a great site for bite size tidbits of info on Montessori and childhood development issues. It’s written by Maren Stark Schmidt, who is the author of Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents.


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